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Cluster of Community Cluster of Community

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This original painting by Tamara Arcilla is a 5in x 7in horizontal gouache painting, ships in 11in x 14in black frame with tempered glass

Cluster of Community

This piece was a special one. It was painted along with my instagram community. They were able to choose the colors for the painting from my instagram stories. I wanted to try something new for this painting because that is what I have seen so many communities embraceing; new ways of stay in touch and remaining close even when they haven’t been physically present. I personally have formed a new community with a group of amazing ladies from my class and it has been so wonderful getting to know them and having their support during this time. And, as always, I have the best customers, followers, and supporters that have continued to shower me with so much love and encouragement. I feel vary fortunate to have such wonderful people on this journey with me!

Each cluster of florals in the series is named after a different attribute or virtue of humanity that I saw demonstrated in new or interesting ways over the past weeks. I hope these flowers communicate a sense of belonging, of reassurance and hope that beauty is and will continue to rise. I hope we all look back at this deeply awkward time and see that we took more good than bad from the experience. I say this, not to diminish anyone’s pain or loss, because that is also a valid response to these times, but to bring light into a dark and trying time for many. Read more on the blog.


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