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Cluster of Understanding Cluster of Understanding

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This original painting by Tamara Arcilla is a 9in x 12in vertical gouache painting, ships in 16in x 20in black frame with tempered glass

Cluster of Understanding

I have felt a warmth and general sense of understanding as we have all navigated this weird scenario we find ourselves in this year. It is kind of amazing what shared experiences can do for our level of understanding towards one another. When you’re all in the same boat, on the same rapids, there’s not much sense in disagreements anymore, its a lot more productive to sit shoulder-to-shoulder, pick up your own paddle and do your part.

Each cluster of florals in the series is named after a different attribute or virtue of humanity that I saw demonstrated in new or interesting ways over the past weeks. I hope these flowers communicate a sense of belonging, of reassurance and hope that beauty is and will continue to rise. I hope we all look back at this deeply awkward time and see that we took more good than bad from the experience. I say this, not to diminish anyone’s pain or loss, because that is also a valid response to these times, but to bring light into a dark and trying time for many. Read more on the blog.


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