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I Like Big Bibles Mini Acrylic Pin

In stock

The Design:

Whether you fill your Bible with underlines, margin notes, handlettering or all the craft supplies; I think we can all agree that a worn and brimming Bible marks a life we lived.


The Pin:


The Bible pin comes with a mini suede tassel embellishment hanging from it. The Pin was made with the original artwork of Tamara Arcilla.


Acrylic charm is approximately 1in x 1in. It is printed on 3mm thick clear acrylic, made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastics that have reached the end of their life-cycle and are destined for landfill or incineration. Recycled acrylic (R-MMA) looks and performs as well as standard virgin acrylic (PMMA) whilst being VOC and HFC free and significantly kinder to the environment.

All acrylic pins are pinned to a card backer and come with a metal clasp backing. They are packaged in zip-sealed, reusable, holographic, plastic bags to keep them nice and are wrapped in bubble wrap for shipment.


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