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Last update: May 1, 2020

By using this website, you agree to the following Policies, Rights, Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully before using this website.


Tamara Arcilla retains all rights to all artwork created and sold on this site and it’s associated media channels. Tamara retains the right to make reproductions of any and all artwork she creates. The artwork may not be resold or reproduced for profit without her written permission.



Copying or reproducing artwork created by Tamara Arcilla (as seen on tamaraarcilla.com or elsewhere) is strictly prohibited without written permission from the artist.



ALL COLLECTORS LIMITATIONS AND EXPECTATIONS: The collector may not reproduce Tamara Arcilla’s artwork in any way without written permission. If the artwork ends up being reproduced in a magazine, on a blog or any other media, she only asks for credit (artwork title, artist name).


RIGHTS OF COLLECTORS OF ORIGINAL WORKS OF ART: Collectors of original works receive the right to display the artwork in their home or business but retain no other rights to the artwork. Collectors of original works have the option to purchase the full or partial rights to the artwork, at an additional cost to purchasing the original. This must be done by written agreement at the same time (within 7 days) of the purchase of the original artwork and will not include any reproductions made prior to the written agreement.


RIGHTS OF COLLECTORS OF REPRODUCTIONS: Collectors of reproductions receive the right to display the artwork in their home or business but retain no other rights to the artwork.



Licensing terms are available for contract, no rights will be transferred without written consent. Contact Tamara at tamara@tamaraarcilla.com for more information.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above rights, or terms, please contact Tamara:

Tamara Arcilla


906 W. McDermott Dr. STE 116-171

Allen, TX 75013 USA

Our story

Tamara Arcilla is a joy-filled, inclusive and energetic label specializing in apparel, gift, stationery and home goods. This magical world Tamara has created challenges the notion that the Whimsical and the Melancholy are mutually exclusive. These often diametrically opposing forces find a way to coexist here in this place of relentless joy and frank realness. No matter your present circumstance, no matter your past pain, you are welcome here!

Tamara Arcilla is a US based artist, founder and namesake of the Tamara Arcilla brand. She works both digitally and traditionally, painting heart-filled and impactful artwork, illustrations and repeat patterns.

She currently lives and works in Northern Texas with her Husband, their three children, two dogs and a cat.